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Garden Grove Property Management

APG Properties has been providing effective and efficient property management services to the larger Southern California for several years.

Our full-service company offers Garden Grove property management solutions for property investors and people that are looking for single family homes, individual condos, or duplexes.

So whether you have invested in rental property and require a group of professionals to handle it or you have been hunting for the ideal residence for your loved ones, we’re here to help you.

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Being a Landlord is Not for Everybody

In case you’ve recently bought investment properties in this area or are likely to in the not too distant future, you’ve got to be prepared for the ups and downs involved with being the landlord in addition to the property owner.

We can tell you from experience that this is not for everybody.


Before taking on these duties, you need to answer these questions:

  • Are you ready financially if a tenant sues you and wins their case against you?
  • Can you handle all that’s involved with marketing your property through offline and online sources?
  • Do you have the patience needed to collect rents, late payments, and or bounced tenant checks?
  • Do you understand what’s involved with move-ins and move-outs?
  • Do you have what it takes to take care of tenants that don’t look after your premises or who are always late paying their lease?
  • In case you must evict a tenant, are you conscious of the legal responsibilities involved?
  • Are you able to remain current on fair housing laws which are constantly changing in addition to landlord/tenant legislation?
  • Will your loved ones understand the requirements of your duties as a landlord? How will they manage you getting up in the middle of the night to deal with a tenant crisis or not being home for supper?

As your Garden Grove property management partner, APG Properties can answer”YES” to each question above.

We’ll relieve the stress and worry that managing rental properties involves so you have the time to concentrate on what is important such as spending more time with your loved ones or searching for additional investment opportunities.

Let Us Take Care of Everything (Even the Headaches)

When you hire our firm to handle your rental properties, we’ll shoulder the strain and worry about overseeing your rental properties. Our team of property managers brings years of combined experience and expertise in the local area real estate market to the table. Along with this, we shall:

Construct and develop long-term relationships with providers and vendors including appliance repairmen, electricians, handymen, painters, plumbers, and roofers to ensure that all maintenance and repair requests are responded in prompt fashion

Keep current on national and state landlord/tenant housing legislation and legislative issues that property investors and renters face on a regular basis thereby decreasing your exposure to legal issues and other Garden Grove property management risks

Monitor lease values on similar houses in the local area so as to advertise your property more efficiently whether offline and online

Provide regular accounting records, financial statements, tax filing information, and all applicable year-end reports

Use a rigorous screening process to ensure leasing to better quality tenants, improve tenant retention, and shorten vacancy cycles

Most of all, APG Properties will concentrate on increasing the value of your rental property while protecting your investment.

With our years of combined experience and knowledge in the Southern California housing market, we can cope with all types of property and tenant-related issues, both positive and negative.

We’ll strive to exceed your expectations by offering a superior level of support. And that’s the reason it is crucial to work with a dependable and trusted company.

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